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Live launch coverage of ASTRA 2C


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The launch of ASTRA 2C onboard Proton will be broadcast free-to-air in analogue and digital on ASTRA 19.2° East. The live feed from Baikonur will be available in analogue via ASTRA transponder No. 22 (11.53800 GHz; V-Polarisation) and in digital via ASTRA transponder No. 108 (ASTRA-Vision in the programme guide; 12.55150 GHz; V-Polarisation). The ASTRA 2C launch will also be broadcast in digital on transponder No. 3 at 28.2° East. It can be found in the test bouquet on EPG 269 or by manually tuning to 11.75850 GHz/H-polarisation.

The broadcast from Baikonur is scheduled to start at 03.30 am CEST (01.30 am GMT) on June 16th, 2001. It will end approximately 15 minutes after take-off of the Proton booster.