Live TV for revival complete with news bunny and bouncing weather dwarves



Topless darts, the news bunny and Norwegian weather forecasts could be returning to our screens under plans being hatched by a group of former executives at Britain's most derided television station, Live TV.

Four years after the Mirror Group axed the notoriously trashy cable TV station, Mark Cullen, the former managing director of Live TV, and former head of programming Mark Murphy are plotting to revive it.

"We are engaged in conversations that may end up with Live TV being relaunched. I can't say any more than that at the moment, because nothing has been signed yet," said Mr Cullen.

Staff have already been hired for the station which is planned for the Sky TV network.

Despite dismal ratings of around 100,000 viewers, Live TV's colourful creators and shamelessly tacky approach - spearheaded by the former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie - turned it into a media obsession.

Highlights included a weather forecast read in Norwegian, dwarfs bouncing on trampolines and a City tipster who calmly stripped as she read out share prices.

Even the soap opera, Canary Wharf, boasted viewers were 'never more than five minutes away from a snog', and Edwina Currie's daughter, Debbie, was the resident agony aunt.

Most famous of all was the news bunny, a giant rabbit that popped up on screen during news broadcasts to give a cheery thumbs-up or a po-faced thumbs down depending on the news.