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Hi all, i have a fortec star 1m offset dish and as always i am looking to improve general reception.
I was wondering if anybody knows if there is a procedure for correctly pointing the LNB to the dish.
The arm on my dish is not very solid an can be bent, and the LNB was pointing towards the lower half of the dish, this i adjusted so that it was pointing to the middle. This gave a better signal.
However, i did this by putting packing under the LNB bracket. Would it have been better to bend the arm to point towards the middle, therefore moving the lnb further away from the dish?.

Also i have been looking at a Triax 1.1m dish does anybody have experience of this dish, build quality reception etc. The Fortec star i have is not very good quality and was bought only because it was cheap.

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It Is normal on all offset dishes that the LNB direction is facing towards the lower part of the dish (in the vertical plane)- it is normally on a prime focus dish that the lnb is positioned at the dish centre.

I wonder if some thing else is not wrong with the dish , i would have expected the gain to lower not increase.

I would try adjusting it to its original position, and then adjust in small movements 1-2 mm until you obtain the best signal strength. Normally it should not be required to bend the LNB support bracket to obtain the best signal from any dish unless the dish is bent or has damage to it.

The Triax 1.10 dish is quite popular and is generally a good quality dish setup.


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