loopthrough investigations



More dishes than Sense.
My Satellite Setup
Wavefield T55, 20 LNB's and a whole load of analogue boxes!
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Close to Southampton
A while ago I asked about the loopthough connector output from my digital receiver. I had a play with it on monday night and discovered a few things.

- When the digi is on, analogue is off - no signal comes out of loopthough.
- I use diseqc switch to choose Hotbird/Astra1 - when digi turned off analogue receiver gets to use last satellite used.
- When digi turned off Analogue gets to choose H/V polarisation of its choice. (irrespective of last channel selection)
- When digi turned off Analogue does not get to choose 22KHz high/low band tone switching

for ref, the digi is a Samsung DSR9500 and the analogue an old nokia Box.