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I have an Echostar 2510 multi satellite system with an 80cm dish.
Over the last few months Ive started to loose channels on the Astra(19degree) satellite.
When I say loose channels what I mean is loosing signal, the channel is still in my list but when I go to it there is no signal. This seems to affect every channel on the transponder. Most notable is that I dont get any of the Tequila channels anymore (though they can't be unscrambled anymore- it would still be nice to get them!), and most recently Ive noticed that I dont get Deutse-Welle or the rest of the channels on that transponder either.
I just dont get it, my signal strength and qualiti are very high, and the problem only seems to affect the Astra satellite, the others seem fine. I used to get around 480 channels on Astra but now I only get around 320.
Could anyone shed some light on the problem, I would appreciate any help, thanx.
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Since Astra (19) is arguably the most popular satellite viewed in Europe, many of the channels shift their frequency and sometimes polarity to aid bouquets for a particular country.

It does sound like you have an old frequency table in the receiver which if scanned misses the channels that have recently moved (or indeed arrived).

Try a Network scan first, and then if it doesnt help, upload a new firmware from the Echostar site.