Lost C4/C5 plus assorted others



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Grundig 2.64
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I have an expired Sky sub and have been using it for FTA channels for a couple of years. So BBC1/2/3/4, ITV1/2/3, C4, C5, plus the usual other channels. Its a Grundig box, shows as Model 2.64 on the Sky Services.

About 2 weeks ago in bad weather we lost C4/C5 and most of the non-BBC Channels, but can still get ITV1/2/3. People I have spoken to are surprised I can still get ITV1 but not C4/C5 and point at the card or card reader. If I remove the card then I lose ITV1, put the card back in I get ITV1 back but still no C4/C5. On the Sky Services page it shows the card number correctly. Have tried the power-off reset, cleaning card etc. etc. but not yet convinced anyone to lend me a box or card to test out.

Oh, the "lost" channels just say "No satellite signal is being recieved".

What are the most likely areas of failure? Local retailer suggested that the card was probably failing and to get one of the new FreeSat cards, but I thought I'd take some wider advice first.

Thanks in advance.


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Sounds more like you dish has gone out of alignment, or there is an obstruction. Won't be the card reader, as it is obviously working if you can see ITV1, Does the box still show a good signal strength and quality in the system setup menu?

Have a look at this link http://www.lyngsat.com/28east.html and see if you can see channels from both polarities, above and below 11.600 Ghz

PS. Older Grundigs can also suffer from power supply problems, causing similar problems.