lost hispa



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well any one shed any light on this prob would be great.after the recent storm I had to replace my 1.1 triax,a professional installer of high repute did the job for me i also had to replace the 12 inch superjack.Straightforward job i thought,of coure every thing had to be reset on the installation of the satellites.I have a topfield3000ci p pro,having done the east and west limits found that i can no longer get as far west as hispa,on the east side have troble east of hellas .i have got 22 west and on the satellite bar when manual searching ihave noticed the satellites seem to be moved on the bar on the menu all to the west,before the new dish was installed i noticed that thor was slightly to the right of centre where hotbird is .The installer assures me that nothing else was moved and the jack is fuuly extended to the west limits.if anybody has any ideas about this prob,or if there is anything else i should be doing before re installing the west and east limits,all i did previously was erase to the factory setting ,driving me nuts now as i have full sinal on thor and 7 w so i am at a lost ,in am in sussex se england any input on this would be great, thank you.