Mac applications?



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Not to many applications for Mac OS X talking to Dreambox arround.

DreamStreamX (No working homepage and buggy)
iDreamX is working ok with a few buggs

But I am looking for any working Mac/Dreambox application I can get my hand on, so please Mac brothers help me out here!


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Have checked many and found the same as yourself - not reliable.

The Mac programs I use are 'Captain FTP' to FTP to the Box and Camino web browser (Safari didn't work) to stream the video wireless using VLC.

Other than these I use Virtual PC for all the Windows applications it works great.

Hope this helps.


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Granted, we will never have the kind of programs that are available on Windows but we do have all the tools we need to get by.

I am running OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and control my 7000S and 500S no problem.

I have Dreamflash(multiboot) installed on my USB stick(7000S) and use MPEG Streamclip to load and delete new images and reformat USB stick etc. In fact this program is the nuts as it can also record direct to Mac hard drive.

I use iDreamX (version 0.7) and have no porblems whatsover with it - this I use to load my bouquets and arrange my channels. (no where near as easy to use as DreamEdit but we're never gonna get that)

Safari web browser works too and I can stream to VLC. One word of warning though - the newest version of VLC doesn't work on the streaming front - the version you want to run is 0.7.1.a.

Also a little tip for streaming (and I apologies if you guys already know this) is when you click vpid value in the Dreams web interface, this will d/load a 'video.pls' file to your desktop. Highlight the file and 'Get info' and in the drop down menu 'Open With' - select VLC. Also click 'Change All' button underneath. Then whenever you select the vpid link in the webbrowser it automatically opens VLC and streams.

Also, there is a program called ffmpegX which is the absolute bollox for converting files to different formats. So say you have a Divx file on your mac and want to watch it on your dream, ffmpegX will convert it to a .ts file. FTP it to your box and you're away.

Hope this helps guys and if you are stuck, give me a shout and I mightbe able to help.



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Good to have another mac user on the forum.
Don't forget Firefox 1.0.7 on the mac. There's a new version out and I now think it's better than camino 084.
You'll have no problems with most web interfaces just try all you can get for free. Unfortunately most of the dreambox software was written for the 7000 and has not been updated for the 7020. You'll find some features work and others don't.
Currently available are
DreamstreamX 0.77b
DreamXman 0.6
idreamX 0.8f
mpegstream 1.3.1

I use cyberduck 2.5 (it's free) as a FTP. You can change the atributes of files with this.

I also use Vidi 0.4.5 and videoviewer 1.0 for DV viewing on the mac.

confession - I have a windowzz lappy with dreamcontrol and dreamup on it. Shall try to get these running on the i-emulator soon and hopefully stick the lappy back in the cupboard.