Magic Module and GbSat Questions


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Oct 11, 2002
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I already have a GbSat 2CI 0 receiver and I've now decided to buy a Magic Module and Fun 4 Card, mainly to get the Spanish Nagravision channels on Hispasat. Fun 4 Card seems a popular choice of smart card, is there any reason why I would need a higher spec card (I presume it has sufficient memory to accommodate all the different sorts of file)?

I hear Hispasat keys change almost daily, so I presume its quite common to be half way through a film and for the decrypted signal to be lost. Are new files normally available in advance, or does it take several hours for them to appear on the internet? Maybe its better to use auto-update files (whatever they are), do they work with Magic Module and Fun 4 cards?

Anyway, I'm off now to try and decide on which Smart Card programmer to get. Any recommendations in this area would also be much appreciated.

Oh, and one final question, can the Retevision channels on Hispasat be decrypted?

Many thanks.