MakePS v1.21 Released For Relook 400s



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== Changes ==

Fixed: Pixelation appears while the recorded files are converted by Makeps 1.1version.

== Usages ==
-FTP(S/W Program version 1.8 or above) is available to transfer the recorded files to your PC and the attached the "Makeps" progaram will convert the file format to be playable on your PC.

-MAKEPS.exe is a file format converting program, it need to be used after you finish uploading from your relook 400S, to make the file to be playable for example, On MPEG 2.


0. Connect the PC and the relook 400S by using LAN cable.

1. Access your relook 400S with FTP client.
Server: IP adress of the relook 400S
ID : relook
PWD : relook

2. You will find the recorded files under the Media folder. (/home/relook/media)

3. Transfer the recorded files to your PC.

4. Run the MAKEPS.exe, and select the files that you just transfered from relook to PC.
Click CONVERT, and wait a few minutes(it may shows some problem on communications between PC and relook 400S), then now it is ready to watch the file on your PC by using for example, EleCard MPEG Player or media player.


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I'm having problems converting files larger than 4GB. Tried converting a file of 4,4GB downloaded from the Relook and the outputfile was only 23kb large/small.
A test with a small downloaded file of 14MB worked well.