Man attacks girlfriend after she beats him at arm wrestling



A US man has been charged with assaulting his girlfriend after she beat him in an arm wrestling contest and called him a wimp.

Police said Raymond White, 44, of Auburn, New Hampshire, grabbed Lisa Smith by her hair and dragged her outside.

After getting her outside, White is said to have knocked her to the ground, punched her in the head, and banged her head on the footpath.

Smith and White had been drinking when she told her boyfriend he didn't have any muscles. The 31-year-old then challenged White to an arm-wrestling match - and won.

Police in Manchester, New Hampshire, said after that, Smith jokingly asked White if he was a wimp, reports the Boston Herald.

Investigators said White became enraged and attacked her. When police arrived Smith was crying and covered in scrapes and cuts and was treated at the scene.