Man eats own toes



An Austrian man cut off his toes, fried them up and ate them between two slices of bread after getting high sniffing butane gas.

When ambulance men arrived he offered to share his meal with them, passing over a toe and saying: "It tastes like chicken, do you want some, there's a few still left over."

Police said the 35-year-old suddenly became very hungry after sniffing the gas and had searched all his kitchen cupboards, but found nothing to eat.

Grabbing a kitchen knife he cut off his toes on his left foot and dropped them in the frying pan.

The man's sister called the police when she walked into the kitchen and saw him making the toe sandwich.

By the time ambulance men arrived there was little of the hacked-off toes left and a spokesman said: "What there was, was too badly burned to re-attach."

A police spokesman added: "He told the ambulance men that he had more toes than he needed and didn't think he would notice if he got rid of a few."

He was taken to a hospital in Steyr where he is recovering from his injuries.