Man jailed for life after spitting



A man who faced a year in jail for allegedly beating his wife has received a life sentence after spitting on a policeman during his arrest.

John Marquez, 36, was convicted of "placing bodily fluid upon a government employee."

It carries the severe punishment because of the risk of transmitting a potentially deadly disease.

He spat on officer Charles Gadd as he was being taken to jail following a domestic disturbance at his home in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

The policeman said Marquez, who was drunk at the time, also bit him when he tried to prevent him from spitting again.

Both men tested negative for any communicable diseases.

Marquez was also convicted of assaulting a police officer. The jury recommended the maximum sentence after just 15 minutes of deliberations because he had previous convictions.

Court officials said he could have received one year in prison and a £2,000 fine for wife beating. His lawyers said they plan to appeal.