Man tries to sell 'annoying' girlfriend on eBay



A Bromley man has opened an online auction to try to sell his "annoying... girlfriend".

The description begins: "One annoying silly of a girlfriend" and continues: "Warning - goods are defective!!!"

He goes on to describe her as "slightly overweight", "boring as hell" and says "more varied sexlife available from a bag of spuds".

He adds that she "can't/won't/shouldn't be allowed to cook (this may result in poisoning)" and says he was forced to sell "to gain access to the TV".

The seller concludes: "Buyer will collect and never ever return. Attempts at refunds or returns may result in actual bodily harm. Please please please bid now!!!"

Anyone interested has eight days to beat the current bid of £10 million on eBay however an eBay spokeswoman said the auction would probably be removed.

She said: "eBay UK has over a million live listings everyday, so there are often a number of unusual auctions, such as the one you mentioned.

"Just to give you a few examples, a dumped boyfriend recently put himself up for auction and even received some bids, whilst a few months ago a disgruntled husband and father tried to auction off his whole family!

"Anybody selling on eBay must actually own the item, so in each of these cases the auctions have been taken down by eBay."