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Mancity: same old story

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well what can one say,
if i was one-eyed i would have blamed injurries or the ref because if sun's sending off was the norm, every game up and down the country would end up 6 a side.
the second goal seemed to have a distinct suspicion of offside, but.........

at the end of the day, the fact is were not good enough, that itself dosen't annoy me, it's the fact that the players attitude to an fa cup quarter final was absolutly tragic, if you carn't pick your self up for that, when your not going for anything else, well....no doubt we'll play well next game, with the players kissing ther badges and showing their passion in an attempt to get fan's on there side AGAIN and to conceal the crack's that have been there for so many years, but untill we sign players who have the WILL and PASSION against all odds, no matter what there ability we'll alway's flatter to decieve, and the fan base deserve better:(

well that's my take on it

good luck to west ham in the semi's:)


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To be honest mate i think the near future is looking good for the blues, Psychos in charge and hes doing a better job than most thought he would... being his first managerial job etc.

OK maybe your not going to win a trophy this season, but the way they have played this season has opened a few eyes... and the potential of other good players coming to Eastlands is better now than it has been for quite a while...
in my opinion City are moving in the right direction... hopefully they wont get too good :D
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Offside for the second goal? I dont think so.

We were the better side, apart from the first 15 minutes, but after that we controlled it and you never looked like scoring.

Shame we had to knock you out in the 1/4's as a West Ham v City would of made a good Final.

Good luck for the rest of the season!!