Manhattam Starlight 6900..anyone?



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Just picked up one of these (After blowing my Echostar 3000 up)(-red ) and I've got no major complaints so far...Installation was simple and I was searching for channels within 20 minutes of switching it on...

A couple of questions..First one...I can't find any way of individually altering a channels perameters..For instance, on TV Sport RO on 5 East, you HAVE to imput the PID's in manually to get it to work, but I can't work out through the menus how I can achieve this-it seems everythinng is only configurable on a transponder basis

Second one-There is a built in CAM which I remember vaguely hearing the salesman say was 'patched - like the Humax ones'.. I wasn't paying much attention as I have a MR cam which does just about 'everything' I need, but I'd be interested what this embedded CAM can do..I don't seem to be able to access anything about it on the CAM menus




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Hi Andy, you may be able to get to the pid settings under channel editing. Don't know much about these receivers so can't help with information about the embedded CAM.