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Manhattan 6900 & STB editor

Connected up my Starlight 6900 with a null modem cable and I can upload the configuration from the receiver, but when I try to write back a configuration, I get: "Please, Try STB power OFF and ON"

Powering OFF and ON does not help - still get the same error.
If you're not already doing so:
- you must start with the PC connected to the receiver, but with the receiver switched off
- then start the transfer in Stb Editor
- when Stb editor says power on etc then switch on the power to the receiver - the data transfer should then start
- if it doesn't then switch off the power and then switch it on again
- when transfer has finished switch off the receiver

[I switch on and off by plugging in/unplugging the power lead at the back of the receiver]

It worked on mine