Manhattan Question




I have a manhattan 5800 and I am very pleased with it.
I have the chance to swap it for with a 5900 or 5900 plus.
I know that the 5900 plus carries a hard disk but what worries me is the way they work. I have tried an 7800 and unfortunately it wouldnt open various channels when it was working with a funcard.

Should I make the swap or not. :rolleyes:

Any info would be helpful.



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Check out the manhattan message board before you buy.

If you do buy, then buy with caution. (I have a 6800 which is almost identical to your 5800 except it has a 36V positioner.)

From what I've read of 5900 users on the manhattan forum (Check back over old posts) this particular model has been blighted with problems. It uses an embedded magic module (v1.02 I think). From what people have posted it seems to have a tendancy to revert back to dreamboot all the time [whatever that means]. I'm not sure if the early models were recalled, or if there was a rushed manufacturing mod early in production.

What I'm getting at is to do some thorough research before you buy. You could source an early production model which hasn't had the necessary changes made at factory level.

The other thing to note is that you won't be able to watch conax without making a hardware modification to the embedded magic module. The same as users of Magic cam can modify theirs to work the same as the latest MM relese (1.04 I think)

Not sure how hard or risky this is to do. So in summary you may be wiser to wait until all the problems are ironed out, or better still wait and see if Manhattan install the latest MM cam as standard.