matrex need ergent help please

hi all i need ergent help even the tecnistions who i baught this new reciver from dont no the answer
i have a extreme matrex reloder with 120 hard drive ok
im using a dynimite programer and funcard 4
ive tried diferent mr and 2 diferente flash the card is programing ok
here we go buy the way only have the one card
but this should make no diference as i would have to programe the second mr on the card once the first was installed but i canot get to the first stage
this is what is going on ok
2 upgrade firmware
3 erasing old data please wait
3 insert card ok
4card inseted
5 preforming smart card downlod
6 card extracted or not responding
please try again
7please extract the card
now please as anyone got a answer whats going on