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Me again with another ?


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Hi all

I received in the post today my LNB multifeed bracket which will help me in my quest to receive 28.2(prime focus) and 19.2 from one dish but what i cant understand is that the bracket is perfectly straight, which means that my secondry LNB will never point into the middle of the dish. Is this correct? Or should the bracket be curved so that all the LNB's point to the centre of the dish.

TIA Nick

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The centre point of the dish should be where all LNBs look to, it could be that the clamping of each LNB can be twisted on the holder (especially if its a single bolt and nut fitting)

Additionally the clamp at the extreme end should be at the roughly the same distance from the reflector than the centre LNB and so the holder will appear to be closer to the dish rim