Mexican plays soccer with pet crocodiles



Erroberto Piza Rios, who claims to have tamed 47 crocodiles over the last 24 years, kicks a ball around with his pets in Iztapa, who are all named after former players.

He kicks the ball against the reptiles, or places the ball on their heads so they can raise their jaws and let the ball roll down to their backs.

Piza says: "I am the king of the crocodiles!

"I have that gift of speaking with the crocodiles because since I was a boy I have had the habit of getting along with scorpions, snakes, spiders and tarantulas and I have never been attacked by those animals."

He reclines on the backs of some of his reptiles, scratches their bellies, and even kisses some of the smaller ones.

Piza cannot charge tourists for watching him because he gives his shows on a public beach - but he can ask for donations from passers-by.

As part of another attraction, he pulls a small crocodile from a plastic bag and lets it gently bite his face and arms.