Microsoft moves to support P2P



Microsoft has revealed a testing version of software tools for its desktop Windows XP platform that will allow programmers and corporate developers to more easily construct peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing systems.

With the company’s dominance in the desktop software market, Microsoft has a vested interest in supporting P2P applications since these are already hugely popular with home consumers and are rapidly gaining popularity among businesses. It is thought that the beta software Microsoft has unveiled will eventually lead to P2P application interfaces being built into Windows XP itself so that devices on a peer network will be able to find and interact with each other automatically.

P2P file-sharing has experienced a tremendous boom amongst home consumers thanks to the popularity of unlicensed audio platforms such as Kazaa. Businesses are attracted by a technology that opens a new system of interaction amongst employees, promoting the ready and intensive exchange of information, knowledge and content.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft’s preliminary development kit also improves underlying data transportation protocol, which will aid programmers creating P2P applications that cross company firewalls and potentially connect with mobile devices.