mmm SF Team - Kpanic? ;)



My Satellite Setup
Metronic Touchbox 3 and
DreamBox 500-s w/ Gemini 2.90; Metronic 90cm and unknown 1.8m dish.

Sitting on Sirius, Astra2 & Thor/Intelsat 10-02.
My Location
Newcastle, UK
So... thought I'd have a little look at SF Team's latest/Final(?) image.. So I erased my lovely Gemini image and flashed SF Team Final ... Rebooted the box, and it started nicely, but as soon as I looked at some of the SF-specific options (a la Blue-menu) - it rebooted, then rebooted again, and again and... well - you get the idea ;)

Without being able to see the output of the kernel loading, I assume something is causing a Kernel Panic - and the 500 automatically reboots upon the error :x

Has anyone else experienced problems with SF Team's images and the 500?

(I'm not really bothered, I love Gemini - and will most likely continue to use it... It's just a pain in the arse having to dig out a null-modem cable to restore a working image now ;)

Deek / Int16h / Bombuzal