Modifying an Irdeto cam



While still trying to modify my lame irdeto cam no 901633 I came across some new information.

I made a contact with AMD asking them about the issue of programming the chip before replacing it and the necessity of such a programming and here is their answer;

From :
Subject : RE: Flash Memory replacement
Date : Mon, 8 Apr 2002 09:43:13 +0100

Dear Customer,
I am not quite sure what embedded program you are talking of. There are two possibilities.
a) you mean the embedded algorithms, that manage the erasing, and programming internally. these algorithms are hard programmed into the device and all AMD devices have them. These can not be modified or deleted.
:cool: You mean Software that is installed by your flash card manufacturer. -> If there is software programmed in the flash device of your memory card then you need to contact the manufacturer of the flash card for assistance.(anyway I don't believe here is a "firmware"installed in flash devices of flash cards.) I would say that you may want to try and get one of these devices and replace the defective one. (In my opinion this should do the trick) Purchasing a single chip might be a bit complicated since the only thing I can give you are the addresses of our official distributors. A list of our distributors world wide can be found on our web site: Since I don't think they will deals with single chip orders you need to try your local electronics shop or perhaps find a shop in the internet. However, before trying to replace the flash device I would recommend contacting the manufacturer of your flash card for additional advice. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards
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Gentlemen: I have a PCMCIA card that uses the flash memory : AM29F002NBT this IC got defective according to a local repair store. I need to replace it. The local store is not familiar with this IC. I read in chip specifications on AMD site that there is some kind of a built-in program in that chip. The question is: if I buy a new one, does it come already preprogrammed so that it works as soon as I replace it, or is it sold blank so it requires programming before it is installed ? and if so how do I program it ? Since there is no local expertise on the subject I have to depend do it myself. Please explain if the programming talked about in the IC specifications is necessary for the chip to function in any device and how to program it before installation ? I will have to order the chip mail order. Please refere me to a mail order reseller unless you can sell it to me directly. Thanks _________________________________________________________________

It seems to me from the above, that the program that locks the flash memory comes from the manufacturer of the CAM, SCM Microsystems not from AMD. That program is added to the chip to make it unflashable but it doesnt seem to me necessary for its function. Any thoughts?