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Sep 28, 2005
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A nice way to start the week - Have a great day.

Birth Date:23rd JuneColour:Silver , WhiteNumber:5 , 32 , 41Stone:Snowflake obsidian – said to balance you and make you accept all sides of your personality.Flower:CosmosPet:Wild Birds ( You Don’t Like To Contain Animals)Career:Lawyer , Social Scientist , ResearcherKey Features:Talkative , Genuine , ConcentratedNaturally good at:Making passionate speechesCharacter:You are a lively lovely loving creature. Truth is everything for you and you are very aware of the way others communicate. You may have had an interest in philosophy or literature and may secretly want to be a writer yourself. You will be drawn to all areas connected to the media or the written word.Life Path:You are an excellent mimic and can pick up accents just from being in a different State or country for a few hours. You love to chat to people and love peoples diversity without being judgmental. Sometimes this chameleon air makes you forget your own path.Love:Yeah baby, love is your thing. You love to love and you love to talk about your liaisons. You see love as an adventure and entering the heart of another is like an epic journey to a strange land. You may like to find a Gemini to love as your birth number ruler is Mercury planet of communication the same as theirs.Best Present:An Exotic Journey , Toys Of Love