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Sep 28, 2005
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A good start on the week. Have a great time.

Birth Date:7th JulyColour:Sea Green , EmeraldNumber:25 , 34 , 61Stone:Sodalite – Egyptians used it to get rid of fear and build confidenceFlower:Evening PrimrosePet:SharkCareer:Horse Rider , Baseball Coach , All Water SportsKey Features:perceptive , Sympathetic , FarawayNaturally good at:Being at home in the waterCharacter:Honesty is very important to you yet you have a habit of changing your mind, those close to you can accuse you of being deceptive, however this could not be further form the truth. Do not speak until you are 100% committed to a project or person or your kindness could get you into trouble.Life Path:You love people and give a lot of yourself. You can be gullible so need to make sure people do not take advantage of you particularly concerning money as you are a conman’s dream. The good news is you have very protective friends.Love:You fall in and out of love quite quickly and need romance to maintain your interest but also a partner who is very grounded and secure in themselves. Why not choose a Pisces who’s ruler Neptune is your birth number ruler.Best Present:Deep-Sea Fishing, A Day At The Beach