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Sep 28, 2005
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Birth Date:14th JulyColour:Sky BlueNumber:5 , 55 , 14Stone:Aquamarine – allows you to always speak your truthFlower:Water LillyPet:Adopt A SealCareer:Singer , Radio Host , Telephone OperatorKey Features:Charming , Warm , CunningNaturally good at:Making friends and influencing peopleCharacter:people are drawn towards you like months to a flame. You are surrounded by a social life which consumes most of your time and tend to have intense friendships like love affairs. This leads to battles and jealousy between people trying to get your attention.Life Path:perhaps you need more boundaries in your friendships as you are never off the phone. Take some more time for your career. If you have this effect on your friends perhaps you should think about a career in the entertainment industry?Love:Love comes easily to you and your sexy voice persuades even the most cautious lover to give you their heart. Why not try a Gemini who loves to converse and will fascinate your mind. Gemini’s ruler is Mercury your birth number ruler.Best Present:Old Movie DVD , Digital Radio