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Sep 28, 2005
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Have a great day, may the force be with You :)

Birth Date: 4th August Colour: Lilac Number: 22,31, 13 Stone: Petrified wood – calms you down and gives you security Flower: Corn Flower Pet: Adopt An Eagle Career: Brain Surgeon , Civil Engineer , Watchmaker Key Features: Fast , Witty , Powerful Naturally good at: Being precise. Character: You like to be a free spirit but you adhere to the rules of life. You have a powerful aura and will not allow anyone to tell you what to do; it is your way or the highway. This uncompromising attitude can cause conflict in your life particularly around work. It may be an idea to start your own business as you will be determined to succeed at all costs. Life Path: You have quite a wacky mind underneath that straight exterior. You can think laterally and have some amazing ideas that you should follow through. People are very drawn to you but feel they can never get right inside your mind. You also like your own company and need space alone sometimes. Love: You love ardently but almost from a distance. You hate to be tied down or controlled. You will give your commitment but on your terms. Why not try a free spirited Aquarius who shares your birthday ruler Aquarius? Best Present: Trip To The Science Museum , A UFO Convention