Monoblock and 4 way switch.



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TM 1500 Super T-Rex 4.6 K£ Mr 90cm
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Good Morning,

Recently I purchased a D500s as a second receiver and wanted to link it to my main motorised dish. Having asked on here as to the possibility of running the 2 receivers in to the same dish I came to the conclusion that unless I wanted to use a remote extender I would have to go down the multi-LNB route.

I have now purchased a quad output Invacom monoblock and this is now lined up on the motorised system; I have no problems with the receiver attached to the motor as it is set to act as a single LNB, however on the second receiver I seem to be having problems.

I want to connect the second receiver to both the SKY minidish and directly to the monoblock (this way I can leave the dish * 19e and use the monoblocks internal diseqc to switch between 19 and 13e). The way I have done this is to connect the SKY dish and the monoblock feed in to a 4-way diseqc switch. The receiver attached to the switch seems to randomly decide, to work for a short period or fail altogether.

My question is. Am I on the right track here and have a faulty diseqc switch or will this setup not work at all.I have tried all possible configurations in the setup menu with very unreliable results. I have ordered a new 2 way switch just in case.

Any help will be appreciated especially if you’ve tried this setup yourselves and can point me in the right direction.