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Channel 4 is to launch a new television channel aimed at the over 30s.

The channel, with the working title More4, will not launch for another year and is expected to be carried by Sky Digital, Freeview and cable operators.

A Channel 4 spokesman said: "If E4 targets the younger end of the Channel 4 audience demographic, More4 will be aimed at the older end of that demographic.

"At launch there will be less origination, more narrative repeats of Channel 4 shows - 'another chance to see' - and archive programming. There will be entertainment and drama, as well as factual programmes, and some acquisitions. You could also see More4 doing live streaming of some of our more upmarket Channel 4 factual stuff, like Regency House."


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So, basically, old crap for oldies. More 'Cheers' re-runs then. I hated that show when I was younger. Now i'm 36 - I might enjoy it (8th time round) :-righton

More4 on Freeview - Hark!! If there is money in it I wouldn't expect it on that platform. But, then again, there's no money in any of the 'free' freeview offerings but we still have to sub to them on SKY.

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P.S. No - absolutely not! I know I don't like 'cheers' and I never will. Bring back 'Channel 4 Schools' and those fabulous, yet strangely odd, countdown clocks.
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Has any one heard if channel More4 is still to be launched on freeview? There doe's not appear to be any news lately about it's proper programing and it's future launch date!