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More Gain!


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1m Orbital Motorised Dish
Echostar 3000
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Midlands UK
Hi there. I was given a brand new 80cm solid dish kit (no idea who manufatured by). The lnb is a maximum SF-10 0.3db which came with the dish.

I'm after Feeds and I stuggled to get one in off 12.5west yesterday even though in my kit's defence it was overcast. As you can imagine I was a bit disappointed with not getting that feed.

I have a TM-1000D Super which is pretty sensitive, a lot more than my echostar. The TM powers a Moteck SG2100A Disecqu 1.2/USALS motor. I'm happy the motor is all setup correctly as I aligned it with a laguna meter.

Tomorrow I will be replacing the cable as the current is actually used for the second feed of my sky+ box (CT100). I have got 15m of CT125 which is the best cable I have ever seen haha. Love the stuff!

I intend on getting a decent stable picture off 33e, 16e & 10e (feeds) when it is overcast. I am aware that I am limited by the size of the dish but my main question is would I benefit from changing the LNB? I have no idea how good the SF10 is. Is it a decent LNB or should I change it and then at a last resort swap the dish?


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technomate 1500
strong 4375
pace digi box
triax 1.1, triax 88cm
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some people might say get a bigger dish, on the other hand i like the titanium 0.2, that works great for me on the mbc channels on 26e realy awkward to get, below is a list of what i tried recently all new apart from one

sharp 0.3 84%
eurostar 0.5 84% ( 5yrs old )
mti 0.2 83%
fortec star 0.3 76%
invacom 0.3 75%
lemon 0.2 73 to 74%
inverto silver tech 72%

my location is hartlepool in the north east and to get things done i take a small television in to the garden and its right next to the dish 2ft off the ground i then sit on the other side of the dish on a stool. Another piont i would like to make, i also tested them indoors in my spare bedroom using a 1.1 triax behind double glazed windows and only 2 of them were useful , tops was the titanuim 0.2, it was about 3% better than the sharp 0.3 the others were poor. To get the signal behind the window is possible only if the dish is bigger enough