Moteck SG2100a - Go to X (0) command.



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I received one of these yesterday, and have been having a play with it before I get around to my installation (he say's hopefully).

I hooked it up to my TM1500 on a short length of cable, to test it was working ok, from the comfort of my armchair - using usals.

The go to x(0) or go to reference command, to send the motor back to 0 works as follows:-

If the motor is stationary at any position west of 0 degrees (or even at 0), then it will make 3 movements going easterly to approx 5 east, back to 1 east, and finally 0.

If the motor is stationary at any position east of 0 degrees then it will go westerly to 1 east, and finally 0.

This way the motor always approaches it's reset position from the same direction, eliminating any play/backlash (which incidently shouldn't be present in a new motor).