Moteck SG2100A with Comag Porty II



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Comag porty II 1.1 metre triax dish.
Hi folks,

I just bought a moteck sg2100a motor to use with my comag porty II receiver and 1.1 m dish and I have a question.

Not having time this weekend to get it up and running fully I powered up the motor to see if everything was ok. Enabled the motor control on the Porty II and no matter which channel I went to or satellite, I could not get the motor to move to the right position. I could get it to move east and west and return to the zero point but for instance when setting it to hotbird it was moving to 23 east.

Am I doing something terribly stupid? Im completely new to this.

Any help or thoughts would be very gratefully received.


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Technomate 5402 HD M2 Ci, DM7000s, Transparent 80cm Dish, Moteck SG2100 DiseqC motor, lots of legacy gear. Meters: Satlook Digital NIT, Promax HD Ranger+ spectrum analyser.
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Forget about making it go to satellites at this stage, you are wasting your time, knowing that the motor moves is enough.

It will not go anywhere until you set it up on a due South location, save a position and then save some others. Some receivers once due South is found will utilise USALS to automatically find the others, you also need to enter your coordinates into the receiver.