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I am trying to set up a DisecqC 1.2 H-H Motor and having a few problems.

- when testing the receiver is set to default and so is the motor.
-when the LNB cable is connected from the LNB to the motor (to the bit that indicates LN:cool: the motor is not working at all.
-however, when this cable is not connected to the motor the motor sometimes does move - although not on all occasions whilst testing.
-the times it is ´moving the motor fails to go back to the saved position...this is when testing without the LNB cable connected.

- I have checked and the receiver confirms that the settings are on DiSeqC1.2. When i command it to go west/east it doesn’t continuously move, it starts and stops again and this is although I keep my finger on the arrow on the remote control for the receiver. but when I press the manual button on the motor it does move smoothly.

Also my receiver has USALS...when I command it to go from for example from Hotbird 13E to Nilesat 7W it goes to 0 and it stops. It does not go beyond 0. However, when pressing the manual button to go west it goes west.

So I am confused as to what is going on. Please note that all these that I have tested are when the LNB cable is not connected. when I connect this LNB cable, motor doesn’t work at all even with manual buttons

N/B My receiver it is an Echostar DSB-808 2Ci Viaccess and as far as I know compatible.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.



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What is the motor? Put your receiver and motor information in your profile, then it will be obvious to all members what you have and they will be more inclined and able to help.

Have you checked the connections on the cable from motor to LNB, sounds like it may be shorting out.