Motorised setup - its up and working - I think!

For those that have followed my entry into the world of motorised setup you will know the problems that i have had aligning the Dish.

well today i had another go and think I may have found thor.
In the sattleite setup of my technomate 5500 super I put in some new transponder info which I found via the forums

11.189V 2142 3/4 and the signal meter jumped to 70 percent. and found a channel called edusat.... success i think this means i am on thor and the other transponders which are in the reciver are no longer functioning. Am i correct on this?
beacause they are not functionaing the strength and quality meters where showing nothing.

Found Hipsat as well with channels so I think i am close bar some fine tuning.

Does this now mean i need to manually put the transponder information in the reciever or is their a search facility to scan the sattlellites for transponder info.(The manual is not very clear on this subject).

Thanks for everybodys help i am getting closer.
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Yes, edusat is at 1west. and well done.
Most receiver software for satellite TP's is outdated.
You can get transponders data from and then input them yourself or try a network search with your Technomate receiver this should pick up a few channels on each satellite, but not all


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Yes, Thor 1W and Intelsat707 at 0.8W (or is it the other way around) are co-located.