Motorised setup - its up but not working

Finally went for it today and had a go.

Using a Technomate 5500 super
Manhattan Disceq motor
Channel master 80cm dish.

tried to setup the usals by placing my longitude and Latitude into the technomate reciever

which are 52.45(lat) and 1.7(long). set it to 1W which is thor and then tried to move the mount (motor on pole) and find thor not a sausage!!!!!.
according to the manhattan manual the motor should be set to lattitude (52.45) and the dish to 39 degrees. I have set these to as close as possible.

not to give up i set the motor to HOTBIRD and then moved the mount and finally i had a signal. 75 signal quality and 80 strength.

If i move the dish to thor (or other sats close to hotbird) i do not recieve and signal.

can anybody give me anytips or help to align the dish.

Thanks Ady

p.s at least the dish moves and i have hotbird so it's a good start.


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Hotbird is lower in the sky than Thor at 1W, so you probably need to reset the motor to 1W, and increase the elevation on the dish bracket by 3 or 4 degrees, then pivot the motor on the pole to find 1W.