Motorised setup woes but a big thanks to the forum!



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Some of you may have already seen my thread requesting advice on where to obtain a dish/motor combo to compliment a receiver that I recently purchased .... (for those that have not)

Well I finally got up and running but with major problems. After deciding that a roof mount was out of the question I opted for a garden mount (photos to follow) on my back garden wall. Much easier to do physically and also miles easier to tune in by looking at my TV in my kitchen whilst trying to tune in satellites etc.

I took great care in my setup i.e. getting a vertical pole and get the inclination of my motor correct etc etc.

All the eastern satellites were a doddle and it looked like I had the clarke belt in perfect sync i.e. on moving from different birds and checking the dish by flexing it slightly up and down there seemed to be no increase or decrease in signal quality.

Bearing in mind that I had no apperent obstructions I was somewhat baffled to find that all the western birds just would not happen. The most western one I could find was Thor at 0.8W. Everything beyond that was off the radar. I was using all the default satellite info that was on my Technosat 5500. Lots of waggling about gave me nothing. I went through all the transponders etc etc and nothing.

THEN I checked this thread - in particular the first entry by WHATPASSWORD. I manually entered all of the transponders in the western region and lo and behold they all tuned in perfectly. If it wasn't for first checking these then I probably would have started a fresh with my mount.

So thanks to one and all for a great forum. Saved me a helluva lot of time and energy.

Presumably the default info provided by the receiver was out of date? I assume this becuase all of the 30W channels are now on my system even though all of the transponders at that latitude give zero signal other than that provided by WHATPASSWORD.

Any enlightenment would be welcomed.

Now I can watch 'football' at midnight :D




Hi normsky

Reference "Any enlightenment would be welcomed. "

Channel lists are usually out of date somewhere in your receiver. Transponders and channels frequently change even daily. For bringing us up to date there is a superb chap, user ID "SATDUDE" who posts most days with transponder/channel changes.
Also, I find that _ are pretty quick off the mark reporting transponder/channel changes.


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I downloaded a channel list for my Technomate

I found alot of channels had changed transponders and alot of channels were wrongly named

I would suggest scanning for yourself, may take longer but you get the best out of it