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Currently I have a motorised dish with two LNB's (one analogue, one digital) and currently running with the Echostar 8700. I want to upgrade with the minimal fuss and expense but still get everything (usual request!). The two receivers I thought were AD3000ip and the Manhattan DSR-2500, but are they any good ? is there som'it much better ? Secondly, if I get one of these, how does it autodetect satellites on a motorised dish ? does it turn the dish as much as possible to the east and then go west ? is there some feedback on the positioner to tell it when it reaches a stop point ????

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the AD3000IP is an excellent machine with poor documentation and mediochre (but adequate) firmware.
There's a Dutch/International sat.board dedicated to it (I happen to be the moderator of the English language section). See

The Ad3000ip - like the digital -only d2500ip and indeed all the recent Echostars with built-in positioner - comes with an auto-sat function. It requires you to line up three sats "by hand" and then calculates all the intermediate positions (of any sats in its database). You can add more sats or nudge them to different positions individually by hand too.