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Moving to the Middle East Need Help

I am heading to Iraq, Kuwait & Afganastan from the US. I have a Pansat 2500A here and have it set up for the Dishnetwork and Bellexpress. I would like to know if I can do something similar to that while I am over there for the next year or two. Any websites with equipment and instructions would be a great help. It looks like Hotbird is the one to hit for somehwat americanized stations. Thanks in advance.


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Dreambox 7000S + motorised 80cm dish, Amstrad DRX550 Digibox + fixed dish
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You should take a look at a site like www.lyngsat.com which will help you find out what satellite services you can receive in different areas. There is a link to the satellite footprint for each service so that you can work out what size dish you will need in a particular area. I'd be surprised if you managed to pick up Hotbird in all of the countries you mentioned.

Most digital satellite services in Europe and the Middle East use the DVB-S standard. Digital satellite receivers used for US services in the USA might not be compatible with DVB-S.