MR - was it worth buying?



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Dear all,

I need some help and justification for my self for buying an MR card. Since I bought it I could not see any use of it. I own Interstar 8005 CI with embedded decoder. I can access all packages by pressing “0” on my remote and punch in codes for all of them. However I can watch only certain packages but not others (I can see TPS, Multivision; Dutch channels: but can not see C+NL, FR, TV Slovenia for instance)

Question 1? Do I need to use my MR card at all? All MR packages of codes (mach1 file) are already in my receiver (even more). Actually when I put in MR 1.3 in CI I can not see some FTA channels. When CI is empty I can. On the other hand I can not see C+ NL with or without MR inserted. What do you suggest?

Question 2? Is there any way to recognize if MR is functional besides looking if channels clear or not? I can see in my CI menu MR1.3

Question ? Is there any way I can see TV1 Lithuania (5e). Is it part of VIACCESS Europe package?

Thank you in advance