Mrev vs. Reloaded = Blue Sticker vs. Green Sticker



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The views expressed in this post are my personal views on the differences if any between the Reloaded and Revolutions Matrix CAMs.

I have always wondered about the differences between the Matrix Reloaded and the Revolutions. Recently I had a Matrix Revolutions in my possession and had time to play around with it. Going by what I had read about the promises of this CAM and the posts I have seen around. I have to come to the conclusion that the Revolutions is no more than a Reloaded with a blue sticker on it.

Reasons for this conclusion:
-Reloaded and Revolutions suffer from the same freezes on the same systems.
-Revolutions firmware will run on Reloaded but with great problems.
-Performance is very similar if not the same.
-No information of hardware difference between the two ever published.
-Xilinx ver 3 in MReloaded and ver 4 in MRev.

The real difference if any is in the “xilinx”!
-The developers have put in checks to verify that the firmware being loaded is theirs and that no one else’s -Attempting to load an unapproved firmware may damage the CAM.
-The revolutions firmware when loaded on the Reloaded verifies the different version of xilink etc... and will run poorly if the CAM has a reloaded firmware, possibly due to incompatibility between xilinx and firmware or done on purpose by the manufacturers.

Money, it seems to me that with other CAMs when they come out you hear about the underlying processor, amount of memory etc... With the Revolutions this did not happen. It can only be to make a quick buck by selling the same product twice. I guess they felt that by supporting an older product (Reloaded) with newer versions of firmware was not profitable therefore repackaging and reselling the same product would help them out financially.

In closing.
The above is based on my experiences and discussions with many regarding the Revolutions and Reloaded. If the above is true then I think it is really low of the developers to stoop to such a level by literally repackaging the same product and selling it as a newer higher tech product and misleading the Matrix user community. Don’t get me wrong I have had a Reloaded for a year now and think great things of it. The Revolutions has yet to prove that it is no more than its twin brother. Anyhow I am now looking at a new CAM has faalen shot of my expectations in performance and firmware releases.

I welcome your views. I may be wrong...



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In general I agree but I was told that I couldn't be more wrong thinking that. No one of course bothered to explain why. And let me correct you. It's not just MR and Mrev. This goes on since the Magic CAM. In my view the only difference was in the memory, which results in software incompatibility. And be careful m8, people don't like this point of view. That's why you didn't get any replies. It's bad for the business.