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Hi. I was wondering if someone can tell me the correct procedure in connecting 6 digital recievers using 1 LNB. It was my understanding that I would need a quattro LNB and a 4 in (High V&H and Low V&H inputs) and 6 out multiswitch box in order in properly connect six recievers using 1 LNB. However, today I saw a 2 in (H and V) and 6 out made by Thompson which claims to be digital ready. I assumed in the past, that twin LNB with the 2 in and 6 out could only be used in analog system and not in a digital system. Can someone please confirm this. Also, does somesone know the web site for Thompson. Many thanks in advance.


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Thomson is a French company.
Their homepage is

I too am surprised at the "2-in only" switch box. Universal LNBs need to be switched between low & high frequencies as well as between H & V polarisation. So a group of boxes each independently needing full control of all those facets must be able to independly pick between the 4 possible "values" (high, low, v, h) - requiring that those 4 are available as distinct inputs to the switch box.
Er, I thought.


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Thanks 2old. I believe your are right, however I am going to give thompson a ring and ask them what do they mean by "full digital compatible" which was printed on the label for the 2in and 6 out multiswitch in question. By the way, after reading some of your posts not only in this disscussion board but others as well, I would like to commend you on a job well done. In the past you help not only me, but others as well, in giving concise and correct information on the subject in question. Anyway, MANY THANKS.