Murdoch: Microsoft scared Google will turn on them

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Jun 26, 2007
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Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch has confessed that he can understand why Microsoft is fighting to hard to claw ground back from internet giant Google.
Murdoch, speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s D conference understands why Microsoft are worried that Google ‘may turn on them’.
“Google is so good,” said Murdoch. “It’s the best search engine by far and it is going on being bigger and bigger.”
“You can see exactly why Microsoft is worried; all these bright people with unlimited ambition, not that Steve Ballmer lacks ambition but they see the danger of Google turning on them.”
Yahoo bid
Murdoch admitted that he felt Microsoft should resurrect their recently abandoned bid for Yahoo, even if it cost well over the odds.
“I think I’d get on with [the deal] I d go back with my 33 bucks or whatever it was and say I’m back and if it’s a mess we’ll clean it up afterwards.”
Murdoch’s News Corp, at one stage, was heavily linked with a counter to Microsoft’s attempt to buy Yahoo, although neither deal came to fruition.
“We’ve been working with them from way back…we’re good friends with both sides and I believe there was a possibility at one stage that we would put in [News Corp owned] Myspace to add to the [Yahoo] portal, but that seems to have gone away.”