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Murdoch sells lunch date on eBay


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Murdoch sells lunch date on eBay
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is selling himself as a lunch date for $25,000 on the internet site eBay to raise money for a Jerusalem technology college.
The chairman of News Corporation has posted an advert on the site setting a starting price of $25,000.

The winning bidder will be treated to lunch with four friends at the company's New York headquarters.

Mr Murdoch has long-established links with the Israeli hi-tech industry, the UK's Guardian newspaper reports.

News Corp's satellite TV anti-piracy division NDS has a large presence in the country, the newspaper says.

"The winning bidder and four friends will have the unique opportunity to dine with their host, Mr Murdoch and know that 100% of their winning bid will benefit the world class academic institution, the Jerusalem College of Technology," the eBay posting said.

The online auction begins on 3 November and will last for a week.

News Corp owns media companies around the world, including Fox news and the New York Post newspaper in the US, and the Sun and the Times newspapers in the UK.