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As Im off work for a few days holiday Ive dug some of my old lp's and cassettes out and have been having a nice noisy relaxing afternoon!

Some of these old tracks bring back vivid memories of what was happening in the world 15-20 years ago.

Drive by the cars always takes me straight back to the Ethiopian Famine in 1984 (For those of you too young to remember a three channel lineup in the olden days - the BBC (?) backed "Drive" with some extremely harrowing footage from the drought stricken country (Which every got to watch of course as you couldnt take refuge up in the shopping channels in the 600's!)

I suppose Elton Johns "Candle in the Wind" will forever be associated with the funeral of Lady Diana in 1997, but has anyone any other tracks that are seared into the national consiousness as THE defining track of the moment?