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P-III 550 Mhz, 88 GB HDD, 194 MB Ram, Bluetooth Dongle,
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Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

hi friends,

Recently in this forum I found the way to edit the home TP in DISH TV,,, so from the net I got a

list of satellites and transponder frequencies. But what I could do was only use the transponder

inputs and input them into HOME TP and see the result. Though the transponders for which I

inputed the freq in my dish, were of satellites from east only, still I did not get any signal /

freq .... Since my dish is facing east, I looked for satellites in east in the net.. But what i

wud like to ask is in my dish tv there must be some satellite fixed, so if i input the freq of

some other satellites tp would it work in my dish TV??? Because for the freq that i entered i

recd only signal strength as 14 which is minimum for any tp which I entered, whereas the signal

quality was 0. The it struck on me that why not use nearby frequencies which are already

installed tps in dish tv.. so I changed the home freq to the freq of other transponders by + or -

1000, 1500, 500, and so on... and the result is as follows.

The following is the default set by DISH TV TECHNICIAN..... for home tp...

Symbol Rate:27500
Signal Strength:72-75
Signal Quality:79-82
Channel Search result: 169 channels found 13 tp found...

Here I am listing only the freq for which the result was good. In one of the tp in my dish tv the

foll settings were already avl:
Freq: 12595
Symbol Rate: 40700
Polarisation: v
FEC: I did not change it , and dont remember while writing this post......

So by just editing the frequency , I was doing experiments ,, like it came for 12525 it showed

signal but for 12530 it did not show anything.... so two results are as follows.

Freq:12525 and 12535 (two diff times)
Symbol Rate:40700

Signal Strength:75-79
Signal Quality:82-87
Channel Search result: 169 channels found 13 tp found...

Here I just wanted to point out that for my dish tv settings from the edited tp if you see, it

showed same no of tps and same no of channels, but the signal strength and quality for

12525 v 40700 is more than the one set by dish tv technician,, 12688 v 27500 how come this has

happened ,, as the difference in frequencies and symbol rate seem much higher ,,, though I am not

a technical person, I am seeing the gr8 difference in freq. ....

I want to know that by entering which settings i would get some channels other than dish tv

channels. .. even if i dont get dish channels with the new settings i am not concerned as to

watch dish channels i can always revert back to dish settings... .

thanks and regards,

My Satellite Setup
dishtv my set top box is zenega CD-1004iS
My Location
dude as far as i know even if we change the tp values we cannot view other channels (even if we change the position) the set top box is locked to dishtv viewing card and it cannot be used for any other services. we have to got iwth it but if we want tot get some new cahnnels you may try buying a new set top box and probably new antenna too which isnot from dish/tata people i ahev no ides about dd direct+ set top box and its antenna'" have a nice day buddy