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hi all friends :) i have an old starsat sr-x120d :) i used SR-X120_130_150_2000CH_1M "SGN" file and key-5500and6500 hex file with dreamloader ver 1.02 to upgrade my receiver !! nothing changed and i lost some of my channels like VH1 and MtvF and ... too !!! :( one of my freinds offered me SR-X120_130_150_2000CH_1M "BIN" file , but when i started to upgrade with EMupgrade an error window opened and said SW verision is lower ! by the way ; when i open the BIN file SW = 12.68 HW=2.10 and when i open SGN file sw=12.71 HW=2.10 I Downloaded SGN file From What Can I Do !? Do You Have Any thing for me ? can you send it or send the links to my E-Mail ?