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MyTheatre 2.65.5...New DB format with import plus other improvements

Big Ted

Big Hairy Bugger
- NEW: DB storage.
- NEW: utility to import from old format. Source code as example included, thus it's possible to add .dvb format import if someone know this format and really want it.
- NEW: LNB settings. Now it more flexible than old one.
- NEW: RAW channel list filtering (only Radio, only TV, All)
- NEW: DualMono (only A, only :cool: audio in DirectShow Mode now supported (only for InterVideo Audio Decoder!)
- NEW: hotkeys for IVI Audio, IVI FX and Cyberlink Video property pages.
- CHANGE: switch /play may be omited now. file name is enough to begin play by MyTheatre.
- CHANGE: switches /sid /tpd replaced by /chid (channel ID) (see readme)
- another change in DVBCore source filter. maybe DirectShow viewing will be less buggy.
- some other enhancements/bugfixes.
Full Package with included everything you need:
- this pakage includes Codecs, Almost every known working Plugins (MD & DVBCore), Remotes, Skins (which i found).
Lite package which doesn't include Codecs and RC Plugins:
http://www.hippo.ru/~sorgelig/MyTheatre.v2.65.5.Lite.exe ~4.8MB
Tiny package which doesn't include Codecs and RC Plugins, SoftCAMs and Skins(except default one):
http://www.hippo.ru/~sorgelig/MyTheatre.v2.65.5.Tiny.exe ~3.5MB


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Thanks for that BT, seems to be a problem with the download site at the moment, will try later. :)

Working now mate, just had to edit the truncated links. :D


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Big Ted said:
- NEW: DualMono (only A, only :cool: audio in DirectShow Mode now supported (only for InterVideo Audio Decoder!)
Anyone get DualMono switching to work?

I'm on V2.76 and it doesn't seem to do diddly (Intervideo or not...)

I'm setting it in the channel properties, but is there anything else in the overall audio setup I have to change? I have my Intervideo_ac3config set to 3D audio and I've tried playing with the Karaoke left/right settings to no avail.