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TEKHEADS prices may be OK, but their support is shite. I Spent a fortune buying PC build components from TEKHEADS UK, including a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum sound card, not cheap. Took me a few weeks to get the PC's built (I built 2, 2nd one lower spec, bits from e-buyer, no problems). Sound card went in last but I couldn't load the installation CD, 'no Audigy 2 card found in system'. Why is it looking for that?this is a Platinum Pro card. Turns out they'd supplied the wrong install CD. Not only that, all of the software listed on the box was missing. I e-mailed TEKHEADS (you can't phone them) and they fobbed me off saying I should have reported it within 7 days, 'that's the law'. I said I have consumer rights, so give me the software, no joy 'you'll have to get it from Creative, not our problem'. So I e-mailed Creative and reported this dishonest dealer, and Creative agreed to supply the s.ware.. I'm still waiting. I will be reporting them to the OFT and requesting a refund by way of a credit card dispute.

Avoid TEKHEADS like the plague...


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I have mixed views about Tekheads, I think that perhaps they are a bit disorganised or confused, but fall very far short of calling them dishonest in the way you do.

Last year I bought a graphics card from them on behalf of a friend, the TV out was always picky and few months later it refused to work altogether.

Sent them an email and they said to return it, so we did. A week later sent them an email asking about it, immediate reply, what’s your RMA number? We weren’t given one, told them this and quoted their email telling us to just send it to them. Email back saying it is at ATI getting looked at. Week or two passes, ask them again, immediate email back saying it arrived back from ATI ‘this morning’ with a note saying it was working fine...

To their credit they offered to test it for us, and did, and found as we did that the TV out wouldn’t work. They immediately offered a replacement, but it was no longer stocked so would give is an alternative. No word of it, send them an email, no reply, next evening still no reply, then a dispatch email saying my order is on its way.

I admit that their lack of phone number and never putting a person’s name on an email does show the signs of a company that is not good with after sales problems. They were certainly very slow in doing anything with the graphics card, but much to their credit they did test it themselves again after ATI said it worked, rather than simply sending it back to us.

I have bought several other things from them and had no problems at all, very quick dispatch, exactly as described and worked.

Of all the web computer companies ebuyer is not one to boast about returns and after sales, but I don’t really want to turn this into an attack on all computer part shops.