NDS Monitoring Sites ??


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Jan 1, 2000
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Have a look at this link !!


What do you think ??



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Jan 1, 2000
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just posting found info from another site.

ATTENTION: THOIC FORUMS WORK FOR SKY !!!! (29-04-2001 until 30-06-2001)
Hairy Monster has just been in touch with me and blown the whistle on probably the biggest SAT Forum Scandle EVER.........

Orignal Post: www.xdigital.addr.com/cgi...1&t=000603

I have place the original link also incase anyone thinks this is a wind up.

I have received over 50 mails in my mail box asking WTF was going on a THOIC last night so rather than reply individualy I have decided to post it here since THOIC removed it PDQ.

The NOW EX THOIC MOD CyberGaf last night in spectacular fashion QUIT from thoic giving the reason for him quiting as he does not want to be a stooge for NDS (NDS=***) and claiming that Lee Gibling Paul Briton and a few others were part of NDS and that THOIC is one big cover for an orginisation whos job it is to bust people and take sites down.

A few weeks ago a member calling himself FRISK decided to post up emails alledgedly from Lee G to ted@infopop.com (UB:cool: which shown him to be grassing up sites for not having licences for UBB.

In the list were

Modshack (At that time merged with Xdigital)
Xdigital (After we split)
Sat4All (Who at the time were hosted by THOIC)
& a few others like All-Tech.

Anyhow to cut a long story short I removed the post as I thought it was BS but on seeing what I saw last night I aint too sure now and so I have decided to post it here.

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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 10:00:11 +0000
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On Tue, 14 Mar 2000 09:26:44 -0000, you wrote to THOiC Online:

>Congratulations Vicki

Thanks Mike -
>Your expenses were signed by R.A. and have been taken by hand to Finance
>and received by them last Wednesday I asked that they were dealt with asap.
>As a matter of interest although Len is still on holiday till Monday am I
>not right in believing there should be receipts with the invoice [not for
>one item agreed by RA, but for every thing else?]
Yes - you are totally correct - LW asked me to hang onto them for his
return - it's really not a problem, I wouldn't dare bill anything I

For those who downloaded the EMails in full all 30 odd meg of them then I am sure you will be left in no doubt of it.

All I can say is like Gaf I spent half my days over at thoic and even closed the old modshack and cableshack sites so I could be a bigger part of it. I went away for a few days because of family reasons and on my return found I had been booted as a MOD, even then I still supported them.

But no longer will that be as I am not a grass nor am I a tool for NDS and I will never be. This sucks big time as I have seen all the evidence I need to see to make me beleive and so have many many many others


Every mail, every thread, every pivate message is logged on thoic and sent to NDS on CD each week. If you continue to use it then so be it but do not say no one warned you. I have passed on this info to several other site members and have had conversations with them all so they all know the score.

We can sit down and do nothing or we can all unite and say **** to them its your call.

For those who still don't beleive well nor did I until I got sent private emails that I had sent lee and Bigbird and only we knew about. I was then sent more info that has left me in no doubt that LEE = THOIC = NDS = BAD NEWS. Please pass this info and this message to every one you know as it effects them.

Please if you are a member of thoic then change your forum and email passes with imediate effect.